Improve field technician responsiveness and delight customers with mobile apps for field services

Not all businesses operate nine to five, cubicle centric offices. On the contrary, a large portion of the global workforce take on dynamic roles that see them out in the field on a daily basis. Understandably, this calls for a different approach when it comes to managing field technicians and ensuring customers receive stellar service. Mobile applications are quickly emerging as a savvy solution, with an increasing number of businesses relying on handheld technology to keep operations running smoothly. So how can mobile apps benefit your field services business? We’ve put together a rundown of advantages that go hand in hand with the implementation of mobile apps.

  • When employed by product oriented businesses mobile apps hand managers the flexibility to remotely monitor the supply chain management (SCM) process. This means that as soon as a product is transported off-site managers can still keep up-to-the-minute tabs on its whereabouts.
  • Keeping equipment in check is an integral part of running a business fronted by field technicians. From mobile payment machines and digital inventory management devices to fleet vehicles and transport equipment, staying on top of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) is essential. From a general upkeep perspective mobile apps can be used to ensure that all mechanical devices receive ongoing TLC.
  • Every business is different, which means a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t cut it. When developed in-house, mobile apps arm businesses with the freedom to launch purpose built solutions that fit their individual needs.
  • Customers are central to any product or service based business. For CTOs wanting to enhance the customer experience mobile apps can be indispensable. From tracking deliveries and notifying customers of ETAs to sourcing feedback and answering queries, mobile apps allow businesses to improve customer service, on the go.
  • Mobile apps exist to help businesses streamline operations. When used in the field, the performance of technicians will be faster, smarter and more efficient. The result? Satisfied customers, hands down.

For more insight into how mobile apps can improve the responsiveness and performance of your field technicians, give us a call today. Our resident team of appsFreedom experts is on-hand to clue you up on the benefits of enterprise mobility, and its ability to simplify and streamline business processes. Using out ‘Model-Driven Platform-as-a-Service’ you can galvanise your IT team with the technology to develop bespoke mobile apps, at their fingertips.