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How can an offline mobile application help your company improve operational efficiency?

Using an offline mobile application offers a variety of benefits for your company’s operational efficiency. Not only do offline mobile apps improve and streamline the user experience, but it also…

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The 7 key challenges faced by IT teams in mobile application development

Nearly every company has a mobile application today. There is no doubt that there is immense scope in having a mobile app today, however, there are many challenges that a…

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Oracle mobility apps: appsFreedom is the solution

Oracleis one of the leading providers of software products like relational database management systems, information management, and more recently cloud services and products. Its relational database product was the first…

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Oil and gas mobile solutions: The secret weapon to catapult your business

Many oil and gas companies have met with the challenges of the oil and gas industry which has increased the need to lower operating costs while maintaining or increasing efficiency….

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Oracle mobility apps for Oil and Gas Industry

Today, the name Oracle is synonymous with providing top quality software products that are being used across various industry verticals. Oracle software offerings are helping companies build their relational database…

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Why Your Oil and Gas Firm Needs to Consider Developing an Inventory Mobile App?

Operating within an increasingly competitive environment, the Oil and Gas sector is facing new challenges every day. The heavily regulated industry is operating within complex global and domestic frameworks. Additionally,…


A Definitive Guide to oil and gas enterprise management

The global energy markets have been growing at a rapid pace in recent years. The challenging market forces warrant that Oil and Gas companies should look towards new streams of…

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How custom enterprise mobile apps can help you grow your business

Technology is a significant part of the modern world as it has the ability to speed up business procedures and make it even more smooth and effective. Our desktop is…

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7 huge benefits of implementing Low-Code platforms

What is a Low-Code platform? A low-code platform is a fundamental software which provides an environment for programmers to create an application. They use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and simple…

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Things to Consider While Building Offline Mobile Applications

The significance of an offline mobile app Have you ever tried to open any mobile app while in aeroplane mode? Were you able to take photos, read texts, and execute…

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How to reduce your deployment effort and cost for S/4HANA migration

A majority of organizations have resorted to transferring their data to the cloud, and it has proven to work constructively in the digital transformation and enterprise mobility of firms. The…

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Pain points/Challenges for future ERP rollout

ERP systems are regarded as a series of application packages, which are inclusive of a number of modules to support the operation of processes within the premises of an organization….

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How to win over your business team over S/4 HANA migration?

The key to a successful business is continuous change, change according to the need of the customer and adjustments according to ever-evolving technology. One such change is being noticed in…