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Oil and gas mobile solutions: The secret weapon to catapult your business

Many oil and gas companies have met with the challenges of the oil and gas industry which has increased the need to lower operating costs while maintaining or increasing efficiency….


Why Your Oil and Gas Firm Needs to Consider Developing an Inventory Mobile App?

Operating within an increasingly competitive environment, the Oil and Gas sector is facing new challenges every day. The heavily regulated industry is operating within complex global and domestic frameworks. Additionally,…


A Definitive Guide to oil and gas enterprise management

The global energy markets have been growing at a rapid pace in recent years. The challenging market forces warrant that Oil and Gas companies should look towards new streams of…

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Your handy guide on how an offline mobile app works

Everyone would agree with the fact that there are plenty of smartphone devices used today than ever before. With the fast adoption of mobile phones and tablets, these high-powered smart…

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4 common use cases that are a perfect fit for low code development

In today’s world, every corporation, big or small, has realized that dependency on technology is what will really help them reach new heights. Whether it’s achieving efficiency in a process,…

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SAP and low code development: The golden formula to increase the dexterity of your business

As the world progresses towards improved technology and innovation at a rapid pace, your business needs to cope up and adopt this paradigm shift as well. The software solution employed…


How custom enterprise mobile apps can help you grow your business

Technology is a significant part of the modern world as it has the ability to speed up business procedures and make it even more smooth and effective. Our desktop is…

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7 huge benefits of implementing Low-Code platforms

What is a Low-Code platform? A low-code platform is a fundamental software which provides an environment for programmers to create an application. They use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and simple…

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Things to Consider While Building Offline Mobile Applications

The significance of an offline mobile app Have you ever tried to open any mobile app while in aeroplane mode? Were you able to take photos, read texts, and execute…


How to reduce your deployment effort and cost for S/4HANA migration

A majority of organizations have resorted to transferring their data to the cloud, and it has proven to work constructively in the digital transformation and enterprise mobility of firms. The…


Pain points/Challenges for future ERP rollout

ERP systems are regarded as a series of application packages, which are inclusive of a number of modules to support the operation of processes within the premises of an organization….


How to win over your business team over S/4 HANA migration?

The key to a successful business is continuous change, change according to the need of the customer and adjustments according to ever-evolving technology. One such change is being noticed in…


How to clean up your custom ABAP code for S/4HANA migration

We live in an ever-evolving world of business improvements and technological advancements. But as industrial workers in this field, it is not enough to simply know about ABAP custom code…


The long-term effects of Heavy ERP system customization

The introduction of ERP systems has reformed the performance and flow of organizations in several ways and helped them extend their digital core to the last mile. It has driven…

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The Cost of Perfection – Preventing Downtime in Warehousing and Logistics Operations

Learn how offline apps are the most reliable source to mitigate downtime in Warehousing and Logistics Operations.

Digitization Industry

The Cost of Perfection – Preventing Production Downtime

Learn how to plan for failure instead of investing in infrastructure to prevent system downtime.

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appsFreedom Digitization Platform Achieves SAP-Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA®

CHANDLER, Ariz., Jan. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — appsFreedom Inc. announced today that its appsFreedom Platform, a Digitization Platform for the last mile, has achieved SAP certification as integrated with SAP S/4HANA®. The integration…

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Extending SAP Digital Core to the Last Mile

Digitizing and Integrating the Enterprise Resource Planning System in Manufacturing

Digitization Industry

Digital Transformation & Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation & Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing

Digitization Industry

Reinventing Digital Transformation in Manufacturing ERP

Digitizing and Integrating the Enterprise Resource Planning System in Manufacturing