The most advanced offline mobile app in the industry

The most advanced offline capability in the industry

appsFreedom enables people to complete their jobs and be productive – with or without connectivity, from any location, using any device.

What makes appsFreedom so powerful

appsFreedom is the only platform that enables high-volume data processing, data syncing and error management in offline mode. This enables users to be productive for hours & days without any connectivity

Productivity in the Last Mile

appsFreedom generates, user specific, custom apps with sophisticated offline capabilities.

appsFreedom provides user-centered, customized and highly sophisticated offline mobile apps that mirror’s an user’s current processes. These are integrated to an organiztion’s core business applications such as SAP, Oracle ERP, Custom and even legacy applications. As a result, the user’s work their familiar business process, except now its digitized and fine-tuned to run in offline mode for hours & days without connectivity. It’s incredibly easy to build and deploy offline apps with appsFreedom Platform – Just one click and its done!


High Volume Offline data processing

appsFreedom provides the industry’s most advanced and leading offline rules engine that is fine tuned to process large volumes of data in a complete offline mode. Best of all, this is available out of the box and can be configured to run an ERP or core business application’s business rules, all with no programming required.

Offline Authentication

appsFreedom provides an out-of-the-box offline authentication mechanism that authenticates the user using the enterprise’s authentication policies even when the user is not connected.

Offline Attachments

appsFreedom supports full offline attachments capabilities for iOS, Android and Windows devices, both consumer and rugged devices. Users can download and upload documents, images and files in full offline mode.

Data Persistence

appsFreedom provides a secure and encrypted device database capable of handling high volumes of data for your business needs. The data is persisted under all offline conditions including when the device runs out of power or dies.

Data Consistency Engine

appsFreedom’s robust data consistency engine guarantees that no data packets are lost during a network switch and all data is posted correctly, in the right sequence and only once to the backend core applications.

Data Sync & Orchestration

Data persistence needs to be accompanied with data orchestration and data synchronization with backend core applications. appsFreedom provides out-of-the-box

Error Handling Engine

appsFreedom provides out-of-the-box error-handling engine allowing users to view, manage and rectify data errors after a data conflict. This engine displays the current backend application values and the user-entered values side-by-side so that the use can choose which values to be sent to the backend application.

Conflict Resolution Engine

appsFreedom provides out of the box conflict management. Through the powerful conflict resolution engine all the conflicts from multiple apps & devices are identified as errors before they are sent to the backend application. It can also be configured to identify data changes in the backend application, before data from apps is posted and flagged as errors.

Process Continuity Engine

appsFreedom’s advanced process continuity engine mimics the backend business application / ERP rules in the device in the offline mode, such that the user feels as if they are connected and work across process steps. The process continuity engine brings an online experience in an offline mode.

Guaranteed Delivery

The offline apps comes with an complete, robust integration architecture, leveraging the above engines such as data synchronization & orchestration engine, Message queue, etc. to guarantee data delivery from the Apps & devices to the backend core applications.

All Mobile Device Sensors

appsFreedom provides out-of-the-box support to all add-on mobile devices and sensors including signature capture, Wi-Fi-enabled printers, pre-built Bluetooth & IoT adapters, barcode Scanning using both the mobile camera as well as hand-held scanners

Data Cleanup Engine

appsFreedom’s out-of-the-box Data Cleanup engine tracks stale data and cleans it up, as per the defined business rules.
Offline Authentication (Out-of-box)
Business rules engine (Out-of-box)
Offline data processing High-Volume Limited
Data Persistance / CRUD functions Limited (using browser cache)
Data Sync and Orchestration
Conflict Resolution (Out-of-box)
Error handling engine (Out-of-box)
Data consistency engine (Out-of-box)
Process Continuity Engine (Out-of-box)
Guaranteed Delivery / Messaging Queue
Data Cleanup engine (Out-of-box)
Multi-language Limited
Mobile Sensors & features
Rapid App Development
Enterprise Integration (Out-of-box)

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