How appsFreedomTM lets you Control
appsFreedomTM digitizes mission-critical business process up to the last mile, with a high-productivity mobile & IoT platform to streamline field operations and influence user-actions, providing you complete control over your business outcomes.
  • Streamline & digitize field services, maintenance & repair operations
  • Eliminate wasteful activities and provide real-time visibility into field operations
  • Provide easy onboarding and access to all assets on the field
  • Monitor and enforce common processes across all sites & locations
  • Manage exceptions in near real-time and optimize productivity
  • Keep back-office and field personnel always in sync
  • Boost field efficiency and increase productivity
  • Reduce downtime, get real-time visibility and improve time-to-repair
  • Lower field operations cost and generate better ROI
  • Digitize supply chain, logistics & transportation processes to the last mile
  • Eliminate wasteful activities and get real-time visibility from the field
  • Optimize, streamline and deploy the same process across all locations
  • Enforce common processes , actions and activities across all logistics & transportation operators in the field
  • Get real-time visibility, alerts and notification of exceptions in the field
  • Identify wasteful activities, optimize processes and improve productivity
  • Remove inefficiencies, optimize and streamline processes across all internal and external participants
  • Get real-time visibility and minimize unplanned events
  • Reduce supply-chain / transportation costs and improve productivity
  • Digitize and Streamline inventory and warehouse management operations across all sites
  • Eliminate manual and wasteful activities
  • Standardize processes and improve productivity of operators
  • Enforce common process activities are followed across all warehouses and inventory locations
  • Get real-time visibility and manage exceptions in near real-time
  • Eliminate high inventory or stock-outs
  • Reduce inefficiencies in inventory and warehouse management
  • Get real-time visibility and reduce operational costs
  • Digitize quality control and inspection processes in the field
  • Streamline metrics and automate data collection mechanisms
  • Get real-time visibility and manage exceptions
  • Enforce common inspections and quality control processes in the field
  • Get real-time visibility, manage exceptions and remedial actions
  • Compare metrics across locations and improve productivity
  • Improve efficiency and achieve operational objectives
  • Streamline metrics and increase quality focus
  • Enforce common processes and reduce operational costs
  • Optimize and speed up your mobile development processes
  • Implement a streamlined DevOps process
  • Improve productivity of programming staff to deliver more with better quality across all channels & devices
  • Get a supporting technology & platform to achieve the above objectives
  • Enhance skill-sets of existing resources and keep them around
  • Work with partner / technology vendor to exceed expectations
  • Incorporate flexible, scalable & right technology into your corporate fabric to address pain points
  • Set checks & balances to deliver consistent high-quality apps, faster than ever
  • Train non-programming staff with no-coding toolkits to accelerate delivery
  • Deliver business agility and IT alignment
  • Meet business demands faster, better & under budget
  • Advance IT skill-sets and leverage all resources to full extent
  • Optimize and digitize master data entry & maintenance
  • Streamline master data governance
  • Maintain a single source of truth
  • Enforce governance but make it easier to enter & manage master data
  • Simply processes with delegated ownership and workflow
  • Get real-time visibility, alerts and notification of master data inconsistencies
  • Optimize, streamline and have a single source of truth
  • Reduce time and effort in maintaining master data
  • Reduce wasteful activities & reduce overall operations cost
Director / VP
Field Services,
Maintenance & Repair
Head / VP
Quality Control & Inspections
Director / VP
Logistics , Supply Chain & Transportation
Director / Manager
Inventory & Warehouse Management
CIO / Director / VP
IT & Technology
Director / Manager
Master Data Management


Customer Success

Explore how appsFreedomTM improves business productivity and enables enterprises to become more nimble, flexible and responsive in a rapid and efficient manner.

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Customer Success

By using appsFreedom’s patented and award-winning model-driven, enterprise rapid app development platform, many corporates and enterprises have found success. From improving productivity to streamlining inventory, appsFreedom has allowed businesses to become more nimble, flexible and responsive than ever before.
How appsFreedomTM lets you Control